NuGlow Took Care Of My Poison Ivy Rash!

NuGlow MD3 Copper Peptides logo I made a discovery over the weekend. I made a discovery about my NuGlow products.

I knew NuGlow did a fantastic job at evening out my skin tones, and hydrating, and nurturing my skin with MD3 copper peptides. I knew NuGlow had already improved my skin so much, people have been asking me what kind of makeup I’m using now – and I’m not using any makeup most days.

However, I had no idea of the immense power NuGlow had, even with all of the above proof, until I got hit in the face with a clump of poison ivy last Thursday afternoon.

I am so allergic to poison ivy that even when the cats bring in the resin on their fur, and I don’t even actually touch the plant itself, I get the rash so badly I’ve had to go to the emergency room several times. Every year, once I’m exposed, I have to go to my doctor and get a poison ivy shot.

Thursday afternoon, poison ivy TOUCHED MY FACE. The lawn mower sprayed it on me, and even though I ran into the house and took a shower right away, I could feel my skin starting to react to the poisonous resin.

Friday morning, I had patches of poison ivy rash on my face. leaves of three, poison ivy

Today – Monday morning – the patches are gone.

This is the first time in my entire life that exposure to poison ivy and the appearance of the rash were wiped clean and gone without a shot in the emergency room.

I genuinely believe that it was the NuGlow copper peptides and their nurturing and cleansing of my skin, not just on the surface but from underneath up, that did away with the poisonous resin.

I’m a bigger NuGlow fan with each passing day.

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