NuGlow in the Sunshine: It’s Good for What Ails Ya!

NuGlow skincare products Summer is ever-nearing, and as it approaches, we are going to be spending more and more time outside.

Outside. Where the sun is.

Now, I am hoping that all of you have been using a good sunscreen for a long time, so I don’t need to lecture you about THAT. However, our faces often go unprotected. Some people even believe that makeup with a touch of sunscreen is good enough and will protect us from sunburn and cancerous melanoma and other delightful afterthoughts of a day spent outdoors with inadequate protection on our faces. Not everybody comes home from the picnic with a rosy glow. Some of us come home from the picnic glowing like the filament in a space heater.

Your NuGlow skincare products can help your skin, even if you get careless and come home with a burn. First of all, you probably won’t GET burned if you use NuGlow Daytime Therapy – it’s got sunscreen in it. Sunscreen must be reapplied regularly during the day, however, and if you don’t do that, you’ll probably get a burn in spite of an earlier application.

If you do come home with a sunburned face, just keep on with your Nuglow skincare regimen; the gentleness and thoroughness of the Nuglow products will soothe and help heal the sunburn.

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