NuGlow, Teens, and Acne

Do you generally associate skincare products with adult women? I mean, teenagers have all those specially formulated acne washes, blemish creams, etc, thrown in their faces advertised directly to them in their own teenie-bopper magazines, shows, etc, right?

The thing is, a lot of products marketed as acne “removers,” etc, do nothing but dry your teen’s VERY sensitive skin out. Drastically. The skin dries out, the pimples dry up with it, the teen picks the scabs off, and VOILA. The acne stuff worked, right?

Oh my no.

Share your NuGlow regimen with your teen – male or female. NuGlow nourishes your skin, and hydrates your skin – not with more oil, but with proper hydration.

Even adults get acne sometimes – the full monty or just a pimple or two – and NuGlow will take care of that, too.

In other words, NuGlow isn’t just for grown-ups. It’s for everybody’s skin.

Your teens- pimply or not! – will benefit greatly by using NuGlow products daily and nightly. Your whole family will benefit. Share the wealth. NuGlow is for everybody!

And, when your family is using NuGlow regularly, everybody’s skin will be healthy, balanced, hydrated, nourished, and glowing.

That’s why we call it NuGLOW.

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