NuGlow is Odorless. Insects Can’t Smell It!

NuGlow MD3 Copper Peptides logo, odorless, insect-freeAfter almost four months of never-ceasing torrential rain and a couple of tornadoes, the temperature here has been in the high nineties before the noon sirens go off. We have so much standing water now that it looks like there are little ponds everywhere. A lot of roads are still under water, in fact, and any farmers with river bottom land have just given up planting anything this year. Oh, and when you drive past these bottom land fields, they smell like rotten fish. Lovely, eh.

People are being advised not to wear perfume of any kind, which, these days, can be tricky business as almost everything is scented in some way or another. However, if you use NuGlow products, you don’t have to change anything at all about your daily regimen, because NuGlow products are odorless.

Now, in case you’re wondering why it’s so important around here NOT to smell like anything other than yourself. . . . think hard.

With all this water and dampness and rotting fish all along the river shores, the insects are thicker than they’ve been in YEARS. Bugs are attracted to fragrances. If you wear anything even mildly scented, you’re going to walk around with a halo of bugs around you.

Not me, though. I use NuGlow. Totally fragrance-free. Odorless. There’s nothing whatsoever in NuGlow products that would attract an insect.

Plus, the totally non-greasy feel is really nice on a 100-degree humid summer day.

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