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NuGlow For Father’s Day

NuGlow MD3 Copper Peptides logo, odorless, insect-free, Father's Day, menMen want to take care of their skin, too.

We all too often associate skincare products with women, but it just isn’t true any more that only women care about keeping their skin healthy. Men want healthy skin, too.

NuGlow skincare products work beautifully for women, yes. However, NuGlow skincare products also work beautifully for men, too! Male or female – we all want our skin to look good and make us feel better about ourselves. Neither men nor women welcome wrinkles, and NuGlow will take care of wrinkles on both male and female skin. Men, even more than women, tend to have small facial scars – from teenage acne and shaving mishaps – and NuGlow’s hydrating nourishing nurturing qualities (thank you, MD3 copper peptides!) hunker down and go to work on a masculine face and neck.

These days, most men would welcome a skincare kit for Father’s Day. NuGlow skincare kits are, of course, also excellent gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, accomplishments, graduations, and any other special occasion – or ordinary day! – for both men AND women.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad. Here’s something to keep your skin healthy for many, many more years.

NuGlow, Teens, and Acne

Do you generally associate skincare products with adult women? I mean, teenagers have all those specially formulated acne washes, blemish creams, etc, thrown in their faces advertised directly to them in their own teenie-bopper magazines, shows, etc, right?

The thing is, a lot of products marketed as acne “removers,” etc, do nothing but dry your teen’s VERY sensitive skin out. Drastically. The skin dries out, the pimples dry up with it, the teen picks the scabs off, and VOILA. The acne stuff worked, right?

Oh my no.

Share your NuGlow regimen with your teen – male or female. NuGlow nourishes your skin, and hydrates your skin – not with more oil, but with proper hydration.

Even adults get acne sometimes – the full monty or just a pimple or two – and NuGlow will take care of that, too.

In other words, NuGlow isn’t just for grown-ups. It’s for everybody’s skin.

Your teens- pimply or not! – will benefit greatly by using NuGlow products daily and nightly. Your whole family will benefit. Share the wealth. NuGlow is for everybody!

And, when your family is using NuGlow regularly, everybody’s skin will be healthy, balanced, hydrated, nourished, and glowing.

That’s why we call it NuGLOW.

Cooling Off With Copper Peptides

NuGlow copper peptide serum In summer, I used to use astringents on my face to cool myself off, especially after coming into the house after working in the yard, etc. The evaporating alcohol felt so good, but the effect didn’t last very long. Almost before I exited the bathroom and walked into the living room, my face was already sweating again, and the alcohol was drying my face badly. I could almost feel the skin stretching and the wrinkles wrinkling.

My Nuglow regimen has been such a positive experience; I really didn’t think there could be any benefits I hadn’t already discovered. I was wrong.

The weather here has been hot – not just warm, but hot. Tropic rain forest hot. Dripping with sweat hot. Air conditioner barely touches it hot. Sitting in front of an electric fan hot.

But with a difference.

I do take a lot of showers in this weather, using my NuGlow each time, and I have discovered that NuGlow’s copper peptide serum is not only extremely effective – it’s extremely refreshing.

This humid, horrendously hot weather can’t stand up to my copper peptide serum. Fresh out of the shower, all I have to do is smooth it on my face and I’m cool as a cucumber.

Love it. Cooling off whilst hydrating and nurturing and ironing out the wrinkles.

Love it.

And, since NuGlow products are odorless, they don’t attract insects!

Want Healthy Glowing Skin? Drink Water & Use NuGlow!

NuGlow MD3 Copper Peptides logo For truly healthy, glowing skin, you need water. Lots and lots of water.

Ironically, it depends on what kind of water and how you’re using it as to whether or not your skin will dry out or be healthily hydrated!

Season-round, but especially during the hot weather, it’s of vital importance you that drink a lot of water. Bottled water is good, but the containers aren’t very “green;” therefore, a refillable bottle is your best bet. Get two, and keep one in the refrigerator.

Carry your water with you; few places these days forbid it. Be sensible and considerate, but stay hydrated.

Speaking of being hydrated, your skin will benefit greatly from you drinking a lot of water, but if you really want to nurture and hydrate your skin, open your medicine cabinet and use your NuGlow products, too.

The combination of drinking water and NuGlow is unbeatable; you’ll have the most beautiful and healthiest skin on the block.

P.S. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

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