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NuGlow’s New Mother’s Day Contest – Enter Now!

Enter the NuGlow contest! NuGlow is having another contest, and the prize is our 5-piece Skincare kit! This is such an awesome prize; you’ll be seriously torn between keeping it for yourself and giving it to your Mom.

It’s easy to enter our contest, too. All you have to do is Tweet this sentence, finishing it, of course: “I want to win a @nuglow skincare kit for Mother’s Day because _____.”

You’ve got until Saturday, May 14 to enter, and the NuGlow people will choose the winner. You can enter every day, which increases your chances. You can enter even if you’ve won one of our previous contests, in fact. Are you listening, AKA Monty?

If your Tweet is chosen, NuGlow will send you their fantastic 5-piece Skincare Kit, and you’ll love it so much you won’t BELIEVE it.

Enter right now! Tell your friends!

Tweet it!  “I want to win a @nuglow skincare kit for Mother’s Day because ____________ .” You might just win it!

NuGlow Took Care Of My Poison Ivy Rash!

NuGlow MD3 Copper Peptides logo I made a discovery over the weekend. I made a discovery about my NuGlow products.

I knew NuGlow did a fantastic job at evening out my skin tones, and hydrating, and nurturing my skin with MD3 copper peptides. I knew NuGlow had already improved my skin so much, people have been asking me what kind of makeup I’m using now – and I’m not using any makeup most days.

However, I had no idea of the immense power NuGlow had, even with all of the above proof, until I got hit in the face with a clump of poison ivy last Thursday afternoon.

I am so allergic to poison ivy that even when the cats bring in the resin on their fur, and I don’t even actually touch the plant itself, I get the rash so badly I’ve had to go to the emergency room several times. Every year, once I’m exposed, I have to go to my doctor and get a poison ivy shot.

Thursday afternoon, poison ivy TOUCHED MY FACE. The lawn mower sprayed it on me, and even though I ran into the house and took a shower right away, I could feel my skin starting to react to the poisonous resin.

Friday morning, I had patches of poison ivy rash on my face. leaves of three, poison ivy

Today – Monday morning – the patches are gone.

This is the first time in my entire life that exposure to poison ivy and the appearance of the rash were wiped clean and gone without a shot in the emergency room.

I genuinely believe that it was the NuGlow copper peptides and their nurturing and cleansing of my skin, not just on the surface but from underneath up, that did away with the poisonous resin.

I’m a bigger NuGlow fan with each passing day.

NuGlow Adds an Affiliate Program; Join Us!

NuGlow MD3 Copper Peptides logo As if wanting to help you get lovely, youthful skin wasn’t enough, NuGlow now wants you to earn some money while you’re aging backwards!

NuGlow’s new affiliate program is now open for signup, and we invite you, our customers and readers, to be the first to apply!

If you have a blog or website, like our skincare products, and are interested in making a little money while your skin hydrates and those fine wrinkles disappear, we’d be honored to have you on our affiliate list.

You can sign up to be NuGlow affiliate right here.

NuGlow: My Skin Doesn’t Look Like It Usually Did In Springtime

NuGlow MD3 Copper Peptides logo Usually, at this time of year – the end of winter, beginning of springtime – my skin is so dry it’s cracking and bleeding in spots. This time of year, my skin is peeling.

This year, for the first time in a LONG time, my skin isn’t dry. It isn’t peeling, It isn’t powdery and cracking.

This year, at the end of winter and the beginning of spring, my skin looks really good. The dark circles under my eyes – hey, I’m a night owl; we all have dark circles! – are almost gone. The puffiness that so often accompanies the dark circles is gone, too.

My face feels smooth and soft, and at night, I love the sensation of my smooth, hydrated skin on my clean smooth pillowcase.

I know why my skin is in such good condition this spring, too. It’s because I’ve been using NuGlow skincare products for a few months now. Everything said on the NuGlow website is absolutely true, and I can personally vouch for that.

My skin doesn’t smell like, well, anything, either. Remember, NuGlow products are odorless. I love that. There’s nothing to compete with my light springtime cologne now.

NuGlow’s New Product: Moisturizing Cleanser!

NuGlow new product, moisturizing cleanser

NuGlow Moisturizing Cleanser

Don’t forget to enter the NuGlow contest! You might win a NuGlow Skincare Kit!

NuGlow has a new product! NuGlow Moisturizing Cleanser is designed for skin exposed to harsh environmental effects; if you live where winters are harsh, or where humidity is extra low, this is the perfect daily skin cleanser for you!

In fact, this is also the perfect skin cleanser for people who do a lot of traveling; airplane air can really wreak havoc on skin! People who do a lot of swimming in chlorinated pools would also benefit from this new skin cleanser.

This product is perfect for anyone whose skin is dry, sensitive, or just, um, mature. The cleanser is full of vitamins, including Vitamin E, and the combination of these age-fighting antioxidants will protect your skin from free radical damage.

NuGlow’s new skincare cleanser is also full of other natural ingredients, among them primrose oil, carrots, avocado oil, and seabuckthorn. These agents of Mother Nature help protect the skin from moisture loss, nurture cellular health, and just generally nourish and protect the skin.

This new cleanser has no parabens, fragrance, phthalates, pore-clogging ingredients, or formaldehyde-releasing ingredients. All other ingredients are natural and beneficial to the skin, as well.

Use NuGlow’s new moisturizing cleanser both moring and evening; just a small amount of cleanser is all you need; a little goes a long way!

As with any and all skincare products, keep away from your eyes. Follow the cleansing with your usual NuGlow care regimen.

NuGlow Science. NuGlow Magic. NuGlow Contest.

While I can’t actually FEEL the NuGlow MD3 copper peptides working on and in my skin, I can certain SEE the results. I know that the MD3 copper peptides don’t just sit on the surface of the skin – they burrow down deep underneath the surface to work their magic science and truly nourish and nurture the skin from the inside out.

With most skincare lotions and creams and cleansers, one just smears them on the skin’s surface. With NuGlow skincare products, one applies them to the skin, steps back from the mirror, closes the eyes, and pictures the wrinkles and splotches being eliminated from the inside out, not just on the surface.

I wouldn’t even call NuGlow products “cosmetics.”  They’re not really “medicine,” either.

I think I would call them skin nurturers.

P.S.  Don’t forget to enter the NuGlow Contest! Awesome prizes!  Easy to enter!

What NuGlow Is Doing To Me

NuGlow Skincare products, scientific skincare Using my NuGlow products makes me remember being pregnant; even when I was just sitting, daydreaming, big things were happening to my body.

NuGlow doesn’t make my skin tingle or anything like that.  It does, however, make my skin feel soft and sleek, and when I look into the mirror, I don’t see as many “splotchy” spots.  The longer I use the products, the better my skin looks and feels.

I especially love the sensation of my face on my pillow, at night.  Two soft smooth sleek things, touching.  I am convinced that NuGlow’s results are the main reason I am sleeping so well these days.

It might sound odd, but even ordinary things like slipping a sweater over my head feel different now.  When the wool passes over my face, the fabric seems to slip over it more easily than it used to.  My skin isn’t as easily irritated now, either.

I haven’t had a zit since I started using NuGlow.  I feel confident giving the MD3 copper peptides credit for that.  These ingredients dig down deep inside the skin, nourishing and hydrating all the way.  No zit could live under such ideal circumstances.

Don’t forget to enter the NuGlow contest – you could win a NuGlow Skincare Kit!

A Claim is Not A Promise

NuGlow MD3 Copper Peptides logoHow many skincare products would DARE to say any of the following things, starting with this one: Our products have been PROVEN to actually reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

I’ve only seen one skincare line that was that confident in its products’ results. Nuglow.

Not only is Nuglow confident enough to make that statement; NuGlow is also confident enough to say this: NuGlow improves your skin’s elasticity and firmness, increases your skin’s hydration, evens out your skin tone and pigmentation, and creates a more youthful, fresher appearance.

Reading from the back of a bottle of another brand’s skincare lotion, I see this statement: “A touch of exotic flora and fruit extracts that help to moisturize your way to a more natural tone.  Just apply this moisturizer daily and you’ll immediately sense a soothing green tea fragrance.”

What does THAT mean?  Those words are on the back of an expensive skincare product, too.  My daughter was here last weekend and accidentally left it on the bathroom counter.  (Remember, I threw out all my other skincare products.  I’m a dedicated NuGlow woman now.)

NuGlow products don’t have to rely on fragrance – they rely on results.  NuGlow products don’t ask you to apply daily for a pleasant feeling – they tell you that when you apply daily, your skin is going to appear more youthful and healthy.

Ever since I became a NuGlow fan, I’ve become a huge critic of the phrasing and ingredients of other skincare products.  So far, nothing – not even the really expensive stuff – has phrased a set of instructions that comes close to NuGlow’s guarantees.

A claim and a promise are two different things.

Some products make claims.  Nuglow makes promises.  I love it.

. . . and Now It’s Time for YOU To Get Some! GIVEAWAY!

3-piece skincare kit from Nuglow Okay, you’ve been reading all about NuGlow skincare products these past few months. I’ve given you details about each product, and I’ve shared with you my own opinions and progress as I’ve used my NuGlow products.

Now it’s time for YOU to profit from my experience!

NuGlow wants to give away a 3-piece skincare kit, and I don’t have to tell you again how cool this skincare kit is – you already know what I think of NuGlow’s products.

NuGlow wants to know what YOU think of them, too!

Here’s what to do:

1.  Put this on Twitter:   I’ve entered the @NuGlowSkincare contest – you should, too!

2.  Comment here and tell us why you want to try Nuglow!

That’s it. That’s all there is to it. We might even decide to give away more than one skincare kit – it depends on the comments and tweets!

Contest ends on April 10, 2011.  Come ON!  Free!

Pass it along. Thanks.

Free Shipping!

Free shipping from NuGlow skincare, copper peptides Whenever we order anything online, from TV, or from a catalog, it’s always the shipping that surprises us. Depending on what we’re buying, the shipping will sometimes cost more than the items!

Here at NuGlow, we don’t want you to feel that way. We want you to revel in your heavily discounted skincare products and not give the shipping a thought.

Therefore, we’re not going to charge you anything at all for shipping – not if you order $50.00 or more of skincare products from us.

That’s right – Free Shipping On All Orders Over $50.

Just purchase $50.00 of your favorite products and we’ll pay the freight.
Enter promo code: 500311 at check out.
Expires 3/31/11

A reminder:  if you become a Skincare Club member, you’ll save up to 70% every time you order from NuGlow, as well as special offers and exclusive club benefits.

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