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Welcome to the Carnival of Skincare!

Show us your NuGlow GLOW! Welcome to the Carnival of Skincare! Skin Care Voice is proud to be your host this week as we check out the many links sent to us by people who, like you, care about their health, well-being, and, well, their skin!

Over at Dermatalk, there is an excellent post about sunless tanning products.
Everybody, it seems, wants to look sun-kissed, but nobody wants to be sun-burned or, far worse, develop skin cancers from sun exposure. The suggestions on Dermatalk’s post might just contain the solution you’ve been looking for!

Health begins and ends with nutrition, and over on Every Nutrient you’ll discover a genuinely informative post about pretty much any and every aspect of nutrition you could think of!

If you want your skin to stay healthy, you need to make sure that everything that touches your skin is clean and free from contamination.  Do It Yourself: Natural Hair & Skin Care shows us how to keep our makeup brushes clean and safe to use.

Are you a 100% natural woman? Are you sure?

The Skin Care and Beauty Blog wants to know if we buy cosmetics because they are useful or because they make us feel good. . . .

natural facial maskHere’s a simple recipe for an all-natural facial mask from the Beautiful Skin Blog.


SkinCareRx is talking about Mosquito Madness!

Beauty Secrets Revealed: The Organic Skin Care Blog, shares a secret with us:  Cinnamon tea will make your complexion glow!

Sun, UV rays, skincareSkin Care Voice reminds us that the sun is not our friend.

Neutrogena has partnered with the Nature Conservancy and with the Forest Stewardship Council!

Avon is proud of its Renew skincare products!

L’oreal reminds us all that we are all beautiful at every age, but that as we get older, our skincare needs do change.

How to become a natural beauty!

The Dove Campaign has taught us all many important lessons.  Check out these three videos about the beauty industry, self-esteem, the magic of photoshop, and, most important of all, the impact on our daughters.

Master science teacher Steve Spangler shows us how to use UV beads to check out the sun’s rays!  (These are excellent for helping us know when to re-apply sunscreen!)

BlogHer’s “Own Your Beauty” campaign is chock-full of awesome links  about . . .bringing women together to change the conversation about what beauty means.

This is not exactly a change of topic, but how do you think your skincare products get to the shops, and ultimately to you?

Yvonne takes this health thing very seriously – so seriously, she signed up for an Extreme Fitness Boot Camp!  Read and enjoy.

Our teens might rebel, but honestly?  They are watching everything we do and imitating us when we don’t even realize they’re doing it.  This is all the more reason why we need to model good, healthy, safe practices, and keeping ourselves healthy is one of them.

That’s it for this edition of the Carnival of Skincare.  Skin Care Voice hopes you enjoyed clicking through the links!

The next Carnival of Skincare is in a “to be announced” mode right now, but we’ll post the link for post submissions as soon as we find out more.

Stay out of the sun!

NuGlow Agrees With BlogHer’s “Own Your Beauty”

NuGlow Skincare - own your own beautyNuGlow is proud to link our readers to BlogHer’s “Own Your Beauty” page. We are firm believers in the fact that everyone is beautiful, and that there is no one standard of beauty. We want to help spread the word that it is the individual beauty of each person’s face and mien that define what true beauty is.

Not Hollywood. Not magazines. Not marketing. Not ads.

None of those are about real people, our friends, neighbors, colleagues, sons, daughters, spouses, parents. . . . . all of those real people whose beauty is a combination of their individual faces, smiles, personalities, thoughts, personalities, and glimpses into their wonderful, unique souls.

NuGlow does not claim to change a person’s face.  NuGlow just promises to make each person’s skin healthier, all the way through, and to give each person’s already-beautiful face a glow that enhances what was already there:  true beauty.

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