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Quick tip #2 for getting the most out of your NuGlow Skincare Products

How to apply your serum for the best effect:

Serums are aqueous based products, full of skin nourishing actives that are the first layer of your personal regimen.

  • Pump out a small amount of serum in the palm of your hand with your fingertips apply to your face and neck with a sweeping motion, concentrating on areas of concern.
  • For sensitive skin, if you are a “hot water washer” or if you are using NuGlow Brightening Serum – wait 10-20 minutes after cleansing to allow pores to normalize before serum application.

The Nuglow Time Machine

NuGlow MD3 Copper Peptides logo If ever you have a question about any NuGlow product, PLEASE feel free to call us!  We have operators on duty Monday through Saturday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., and they are ready to assist you in any and every way.  Just call NuGlow at 1 (866) 605-951, and if the person who answers the phone doesn’t know the answer to your question, he/she will find out for you.  Your inquiry will not go unanswered!

In the meantime, the NuGlow website is full of links and information, videos and samples, and we welcome you to come on over and explore all day if you like!  We are proud of all our products and services, and we stand behind every claim and product on the site.  Remember, all NuGlow products are 100% guaranteed, so if you try one and don’t like it for any reason whatsoever, just return it for a full refund.  Yes, even if you used it all.  We understand that sometimes, you HAVE to use it all before you know if you’re satisfied or not.

No matter what kind of skin you have, NuGlow skincare products will work for you.  Even if you have extremely sensitive skin, or are VERY fair or dark, or are still smooth-skinned or wrinkled, or covered with acne or acne scars, or just “ordinary” and want to look a little younger, NuGlow is exactly what you need.  Nuglow skincare products can keep you looking young or help you to look younger.  Nuglow will get rid of your fine lines and wrinkles, or even your small scars.  Don’t forget to use your Nuglow products on your neck, too!

Now, how about doing some clicking and learning?  Then, if you have any questions, give us a call!  Then, maybe it will be time to join our NuGlow Skincare Club, which is how you’ll get the best deals on our skincare products!

After that, get ready to turn the clock backwards.  Still got your prom dress?

NuGlow Adds an Affiliate Program; Join Us!

NuGlow MD3 Copper Peptides logo As if wanting to help you get lovely, youthful skin wasn’t enough, NuGlow now wants you to earn some money while you’re aging backwards!

NuGlow’s new affiliate program is now open for signup, and we invite you, our customers and readers, to be the first to apply!

If you have a blog or website, like our skincare products, and are interested in making a little money while your skin hydrates and those fine wrinkles disappear, we’d be honored to have you on our affiliate list.

You can sign up to be NuGlow affiliate right here.

NuGlow Is Serious About Improving Your Skin

Coppper peptide molecule

Copper Peptide molecule

This is a copper peptide molecule. You can’t see it, of course, unless you’ve got a really powerful microscope, but when you use NuGlow’s skincare products, these little molecules are not just crawling across the surface of your skin like most skincare products’ ingredients do.

When you use NuGlow products, the copper peptide molecules are sinking deep inside your skin. Think of a sponge, absorbing liquid and dispersing that liquid throughout.

NuGlow’s MD3 copper peptides mean business, and they can’t conduct that business if they just skid around on top of your skin. No, NuGlow’s MD3 copper peptides sink right in and start to work, fixing and healing and hydrating and doing pretty much whatever is necessary to get your skin back into shape and keeping it there.

Got a few wrinkles? Not for long you don’t. A few splotches, discolorations, etc? Take a good look while you can, because NuGlow will even those out, too. Is your skin dry? It won’t be if you use NuGlow. Has your skin taken on that tinge we associate with impending age and “too busy to care?” Yeah, kiss that one goodbye, too.

A few weeks of NuGlow and you’ll get carded at the pub again.

NuGlow means business, and you can’t conduct business unless you go inside and work. That’s what NuGlow skincare products do: they seep way down inside your skin where there’s work to be done. They do the work. The surface of your skin, which is a reflection of the inside of the skin, shows it.

You’re welcome.

NuGlow Skin Brightening Serum with Smart Peptide Technology

with Smart Peptide Technology

NuGlow Skin Brightening Serum

Often, people with extra-sensitive skin have a difficult time finding skin products that don’t irritate. NuGlow has good news for people with all skin types, however, including ultra-sensitive types, because NuGlow products are ideal for everyone’s skin type, no matter how sensitive.

NuGlow Skin Brightening Serum with Smart Peptide Technology will help clear pores, fade discoloration, and diminish the appearance of any kind of imperfection, including lines and enlarged pores. Our Brightening Serum’s thick consistency helps support the deep penetrating action of the product and will leave your skin soft and hydrated. If your skin is prone to acne, NuGlow Skin Brightening Serum with Smart Peptide Technology is the perfect product for you!

Our skin brightening serum is excellent for all skin types, in fact, and for all skin ages, as well. Whether you have aging skin and are worried about lines and wrinkles, or whether you have blemish-prone skin and are worried about acne, NuGlow’s Skin Brightening Serum with Smart Peptide Technology is exactly what you have been seeking.

Whatever your skin type, you should apply the product in the evening, approximately 10-20 minutes after cleansing. Use a small amount and apply a thin even layer; once the product is absorbed, all “stickiness” will disappear. When you first begin using this product, you might notice a slight tingling sensation that will last only a minute or two, and should disappear altogether after a few weeks’ use. Many customers find the best results when they alternate Nuglow’s Brightening Serum with NuGlow’s Antioxidant Serum, on alternating nights.

Remember to always protect your skin with a broad-spectrum SPF 15 or higher sunscreen regularly; even in winter, the sun is not your skin’s friend.

After your nightly application, follow with your regular NuGlow care regimen.

As with all skin products, keep away from your eyes.

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