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Non-Greasy NuGlow Defies Humid Summertime!

NuGlow MD3 Copper Peptides logo, odorless, non-greasy, insect-free, Father's Day, men I love my NuGlow products for many reasons, one of which is the fact that they are not even remotely greasy.

Most skincare products are, you know. I’ve tried products that had me rubbing and rubbing for several minutes, trying to get my skin to “soak up” lotions and creams that just seemed to smear and not go anywhere. I’ve tried products that, even after they were finally rubbed in, gave my skin a sticky, greasy feeling – I didn’t even feel clean after using them.

With NuGlow products, I’ve only experienced positive things, including results. After using a NuGlow product, my skin feels clean and smooth, not greasy or oily.

Whether I’m using the products in the morning or at night, my skin ends up feeling wonderful. I seldom use makeup these days; I don’t have blotches to hide now! And at night? The sensation of my NuGlow face on my nice clean pillow case is so wonderful, I find myself looking forward to it all day.

Speaking of my nice clean pillow cases? NuGlow doesn’t rub off on them. My nice clean pillow cases stay clean.

NuGlow’s total lack of “greasiness” is especially noticeable in this hot, humid weather. Somehow, the healthy feeling NuGlow gives my skin lasts a long time, and during the worst heat of the afternoon, my skin still feels good.

Cooling Off With Copper Peptides

NuGlow copper peptide serum In summer, I used to use astringents on my face to cool myself off, especially after coming into the house after working in the yard, etc. The evaporating alcohol felt so good, but the effect didn’t last very long. Almost before I exited the bathroom and walked into the living room, my face was already sweating again, and the alcohol was drying my face badly. I could almost feel the skin stretching and the wrinkles wrinkling.

My Nuglow regimen has been such a positive experience; I really didn’t think there could be any benefits I hadn’t already discovered. I was wrong.

The weather here has been hot – not just warm, but hot. Tropic rain forest hot. Dripping with sweat hot. Air conditioner barely touches it hot. Sitting in front of an electric fan hot.

But with a difference.

I do take a lot of showers in this weather, using my NuGlow each time, and I have discovered that NuGlow’s copper peptide serum is not only extremely effective – it’s extremely refreshing.

This humid, horrendously hot weather can’t stand up to my copper peptide serum. Fresh out of the shower, all I have to do is smooth it on my face and I’m cool as a cucumber.

Love it. Cooling off whilst hydrating and nurturing and ironing out the wrinkles.

Love it.

And, since NuGlow products are odorless, they don’t attract insects!

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