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NuGlow Effectiveness Knows No Temperature!

NuGlow MD3 Copper Peptides logo, odorless, insect-free, Father's Day, men In this hot, humid weather, many people hesitate to use their regular skincare regimen for fear of excess oil. With many skincare products, people are wise to think about that, and wiser still to stop using certain products when the weather is really, really hot.

NuGlow products, on the other hand, will continue to nourish, nurture, hydrate, and protect your skin no matter what the temperature, season, or conditions of your personal “outdoors.” Even when the humidity is frighteningly harsh, NuGlow will continue to work with your skin, calmly, gently, and effectively smoothing out the wrinkles, small scars, and hydrated as usual.

With NuGlow products, there is no “oily” feeling, winter or summer, NuGlow isn’t greasy, so how could it make your skin greasy?

And, when the temperature is in the high nineties and the humidity is actually making us all sick with the heaviness of it, NuGlow continues to be itself, working on your skin to make it glow, too.

Cooling Off With Copper Peptides

NuGlow copper peptide serum In summer, I used to use astringents on my face to cool myself off, especially after coming into the house after working in the yard, etc. The evaporating alcohol felt so good, but the effect didn’t last very long. Almost before I exited the bathroom and walked into the living room, my face was already sweating again, and the alcohol was drying my face badly. I could almost feel the skin stretching and the wrinkles wrinkling.

My Nuglow regimen has been such a positive experience; I really didn’t think there could be any benefits I hadn’t already discovered. I was wrong.

The weather here has been hot – not just warm, but hot. Tropic rain forest hot. Dripping with sweat hot. Air conditioner barely touches it hot. Sitting in front of an electric fan hot.

But with a difference.

I do take a lot of showers in this weather, using my NuGlow each time, and I have discovered that NuGlow’s copper peptide serum is not only extremely effective – it’s extremely refreshing.

This humid, horrendously hot weather can’t stand up to my copper peptide serum. Fresh out of the shower, all I have to do is smooth it on my face and I’m cool as a cucumber.

Love it. Cooling off whilst hydrating and nurturing and ironing out the wrinkles.

Love it.

And, since NuGlow products are odorless, they don’t attract insects!

NuGlow in Monsoon Season

NuGlow skincare logo Ordinarily, when the weather is as wet and rainy as it is right now – I’m actually thinking about building an ark in the back yard – my skin reacts badly. Horrendous humidity has always affected my skin more than heat and dry weather does.

Before my NuGlow days, no matter what I used on my face (and I admit that I never had a skincare regimen before) my face felt clammy when the rains came. It was almost as if I stuck my head out of the window every few minutes; my face felt damp all the time, during spring rains here.

Now, though, this just isn’t true. Every since I started using NuGlow products, my face just feels soft and smooth all the time, even in the rain. My skin hasn’t felt clammy for WEEKS. I’m looking forward to finding out how NuGlow deals with the nightmarish summer heat and humidity here; I have a feeling my skin won’t be breaking out in heat rashes and looking all splotchy and patchy this summer.

It’s also wonderful not to feel that I need to wear makeup to work any more. Even more wonderful is that people are asking me what kind of makeup I’m wearing as my skin looks great. Possibly the greatest of all is the expression on their faces when I tell them I’m not wearing any makeup at all.

I’ll be glad when the southern Indiana rainy season is over. If you’re planning to move here, be sure you buy a good raincoat before you come. It’s best to get an ugly one because good raincoats are an ITEM here and someone will swipe it if it’s pretty. My own raincoat looks like something the cat abandoned on the basement steps, but it’s the best one I’ve ever had. I’ve been wearing it for two weeks now, and frankly, I’m sick to death of it. I’m really looking forward to the end of the rains. Heck, I may as well be living through monsoon season in Asia.

Mmm, I do love the sensation of my skin on clean crisp sheets. No more sticky clammy sensation – just smooth, almost slick, sensation.

P.S. Don’t forget to enter the NuGlow contest! Your skin can feel this good, too!

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