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NuGlow: With or Without Makeup, You’ll Look Great!

NuGlow MD3 Copper Peptides logo Whether you apply foundation or other makeup after your NuGlow regimen or not, your skin is going to look good.  I know this for a fact.

It’s been almost four months now since I began using NuGlow products, and my skin has improved to the point that even my kids have noticed.

I have a condition called dermatomyositis, and the most noticeable symptom is splotchy skin.  However, since my NuGlow regimen is now routine, twice a day, I have no splotches.  My skin, in fact, looks better than it’s looked since my teen years, which were longer ago than I care to admit.  :)

I used to wear foundation daily, to cover up my skin.  Now, I seldom wear any kind of makeup because even without it, my skin has a glow.  A NEW glow.  NuGlow did that for me.  NuGlow can do it for you, too.

My sister, who has no “condition” to deal with, looks even better!  She had spent a lot of time out in the sun in her youth, and her skin showed it.  Did you notice the past tense there?

Because now, her skin glows, too.  She looks ten years younger since she started using NuGlow.

I don’t know how much younger I look, but I sure FEEL ten years younger.  And my mirror is starting to be my friend again, instead of my enemy.

Jamie Lee Curtis Understands True Beauty

On that sad, sad day when a woman discovers that not a single model or article or fashion or advertisement in Seventeen magazine has anything remotely to do with her life any more, what is she to do?

Come closer and I will tell you.

We find our role models elsewhere.

Jamie Lee Curtis has always looked like a slender bombshell to me, in every movie I’ve ever seen her in, but Jamie Lee Curtis is far more than an actress.  She’s also a real woman – a wife, a mother, and an advocate for education: all kinds of education.

As such, she agreed to an unusual photo shoot in More magazine several years ago, and that photo shoot is many women’s favorite shoot still today.  Check out the picture at the top of this post; that’s Jamie Lee Curtis. . . BEFORE.  Before the makeup, before the body-squinching undergarments, before the hair styling. . . in other words, that picture is the real Jamie Lee Curtis.  Does she look more like a stereotyped superstar, or does she look more like, well, us?

Thank you, Jamie Lee Curtis.

II’ve been a Jamie Lee Curtis fan for many years, and I have always thought she was blazingly and uniquely beautiful. After doing a little research about her, and seeing this four-year-0ld photo, I think even more highly of her.

I think this new article about Jamie Lee Curtis should be required reading not only for us, but also for our daughters. I read somewhere that Jamie’s interview was part of the inspiration for the wonderful Dove videos about what true beauty really is. (Please click them all. Allow your daughters to watch with you. Discuss.) (Actually, please encourage your sons to watch, too.)

And check out More magazine. You might not find page after page of possible prom dresses, but you’ll find page after page of real-life women who, like us, have outgrown that nonsense and are looking for some pith.

I do love me some good pith.

I Am Low-Maintenance. Thank You For Asking.

NuGlow skincare logoThere’s no getting around it; I am a pale and pasty-faced person.  The main reason I wear makeup is to hide this fact from my world, and so people won’t take my arm and worriedly ask me if I’m all right when in fact I’m just, well, pale and pasty.

On weekends and vacations, when I’d leave off the makeup and go about the house all pale and pasty, even my husband would ask me, a worried crease between his eyes, if I maybe wanted to go lie down for an hour or so until I felt better.

I’m sick of it, truth be told.

Once I started using NuGlow skincare products,  many things started becoming very noticeable.  Firstly, the texture of my skin very quickly started to become smoother and softer, even to my lips and my hands that applied the products.

Also, even though I will always be pale, the pastiness is beginning to be replaced with a much healthier-looking glow.  My skin has far fewer and much fainter discolored places – splotchiness is very noticeably disappearing.  These splotches were much more noticeable on pale skin than on someone with a healthy albeit cancer-conducive tanned face, and the NuGlow is really doing a fantastic fading job on them.

My point?  I’m on spring break this week and haven’t worn makeup since last Friday afternoon.  Nobody has made a single remark about me being ill or paler than usual.  I’ve had lunch with several friends this week and all of them commented about how good my skin looked.

I’ve never liked wearing makeup.  The way things are going, all of THOSE bottles and jars might soon join all those discarded skincare bottles and jars.

I love getting rid of clutter in any room.  The bathroom is as good a place as any to get started!

P.S.  Yes, I AM very low-maintenance.  Thank you so much for asking.

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