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Old Age Will Happen To Us All – If We’re Lucky!

NuGlow MD3 Copper Peptides logo, odorless, insect-free, Father's Day, men As much as we all want to look younger, old age is something that will happen to us all – if we’re lucky.

NuGlow is glad to help you keep a more youthful look, but our main goal is to help you get a more healthful life. Ironing out some of your wrinkles is something we do, sure, and we do it well, but hydrating and nourishing your skin is what we’ve put our hearts and souls into, and we do that well, too.

The thing is, when our skin is nourished – not just by a cream that’s smeared over the skin’s surface – really nourished, as NuGlow’s MD3 copper peptides nourish all the way through, the wrinkles vanish, too.

The NuGlow glow that you’ll be wearing is a healthy glow, not just a reflection from a shiny smear of something on your skin’s surface. NuGlow works its scientific magic on both women and men, too. NuGlow is also odorless, and that means it won’t attract the gnats or compete with your perfume!

NuGlow goes beneath the surface to nourish and hydrate your skin completely, and it will show on your face.

Jane Austen Was Right!

It sometimes happens that a woman is handsomer at twenty-nine than she was ten years before. — Jane Austen

This is true on more than one level.

Many women, at nineteen, bear the marks of too much sun, acne or acne scars, etc, and many of these women look much older than their age because of the sun-induced wrinkles and excess makeup that does not succeed in hiding the acne. At twenty-nine, and beyond, these same women have learned to take control of their skincare and have learned many lessons, one of the most important being to simply STAY OUT OF THE SUN!

The wisest of all have discovered NuGlow and are reaping the benefits of its MD3 copper peptides and the SPF 15 of NuGlow’s Daytime Therapy cream.

There’s a reason these products are called “NuGlow.” They really do give your skin a New Glow.

NuGlow Is Serious About Improving Your Skin

Coppper peptide molecule

Copper Peptide molecule

This is a copper peptide molecule. You can’t see it, of course, unless you’ve got a really powerful microscope, but when you use NuGlow’s skincare products, these little molecules are not just crawling across the surface of your skin like most skincare products’ ingredients do.

When you use NuGlow products, the copper peptide molecules are sinking deep inside your skin. Think of a sponge, absorbing liquid and dispersing that liquid throughout.

NuGlow’s MD3 copper peptides mean business, and they can’t conduct that business if they just skid around on top of your skin. No, NuGlow’s MD3 copper peptides sink right in and start to work, fixing and healing and hydrating and doing pretty much whatever is necessary to get your skin back into shape and keeping it there.

Got a few wrinkles? Not for long you don’t. A few splotches, discolorations, etc? Take a good look while you can, because NuGlow will even those out, too. Is your skin dry? It won’t be if you use NuGlow. Has your skin taken on that tinge we associate with impending age and “too busy to care?” Yeah, kiss that one goodbye, too.

A few weeks of NuGlow and you’ll get carded at the pub again.

NuGlow means business, and you can’t conduct business unless you go inside and work. That’s what NuGlow skincare products do: they seep way down inside your skin where there’s work to be done. They do the work. The surface of your skin, which is a reflection of the inside of the skin, shows it.

You’re welcome.

Your Skin Would Agree That NuGlow’s MD3 Copper Peptides Are The REAL THING!

NuGlow MD3 Copper Peptides logoYou’ve still got a few days to enter the NuGlow Skincare Contest – tell all your friends, too!

It’s a proven, scientific fact that NuGlow’s MD3 copper peptides are much more effective at doing, for the skin, pretty much everything we want a skincare product to do for our skin.

Compared with the main working ingredients of other high-end skincare products, MD3 copper peptides are the winner, hands down. NuGlow’s patented formulation is combined with powerful antioxidants and nutrients to take your skin beyond AHA’s, Vitamin C and Retinols in restoring firmer looking skin without irritation or damage to the skin. Independent studies show MD3 ™Copper Peptide to increase skin density significantly beyond what studies indicate for oligo- peptide (Pal KTTS), the active ingredient in many anti-aging products today, even those claiming “Better than Botox?”

MD3 copper peptides more effective on collagen

Put simply, MD3 ™Copper Peptide complex aids in the natural process of forming new healthy skin cells which push damaged cells to the surface of the skin where they slough off. NuGlow’s MD3 ™Copper Peptide formulas possess the necessary biochemical actions that restore skin to a younger appearance without causing skin irritation. Additionally, NuGlow’s formulations tested both hypoallergenic and noncomedogenic. Even those with extra sensitive skin can use NuGlow products without reaction.

Now that you know these things, that’s all the more reason to enter the NuGlow Skincare Contest and try to win some of these fantastic products!

NuGlow Improves Skin. And Why. Period.

When I’m not standing in my bathroom, either in the shower or at the sink, brushing my teeth and applying NuGlow products to my skin, I’m at work, teaching college writing and hands-on science.

Believe it or not – and you should believe it because it’s the truth – these two professions helped me realize, and pretty quickly, too, that NuGlow’s claims are true. I can analyze the writing style and spot a marketing spiel a mile away, and Nuglow’s pages are not about marketing; they’re about truth. My science background helps considerably, too, because I know what MD3 Copper Peptides are and what they can do for skin.

Put these two fascinating facts about me together, and what do we have? We have someone – me – who can read all of the NuGlow claims, understand them, believe them, and understand why I’m able to believe them.

But proof in writing is one thing, and proof because someone’s skin has improved to the point that people are noticing and wondering when you had time to have plastic surgery, is quite another.

To put it another way: My skin is already changing after just a few days’ use of NuGlow products, and I know why.  Knowledge is power.

I recommend them to your attention.

And So It Begins, NuGlow. . . .

Complete Skincare Kit from NuGlow I’ve been blogging so far about the science behind NuGlow, and about other people’s results, but now it’s time to change that approach.

My own NuGlow 5-piece kit – serum, cleanser, daytime, nighttime, and eye therapy – arrived two days ago and I know it’s not my imagination that I am able to tell a difference already.

My skin is smoother and softer. Two days, and my skin is smoother and softer.

Now, I have my share of “fine lines and wrinkles” and while those haven’t changed except to become smoother and softer, I am watching them like a hawk, waiting to see a change. I fully expect to. Other people have experienced wonderful results from Nuglow – my own sister uses NuGlow and has been quoted as saying that NuGlow is “. . . absolutely the greatest stuff since sliced bread.” I have her text on my phone.

So watch our blog, right here, for not only facts about our products, but also for updates on my fine lines and wrinkles, and the general improvement on skin that has, truth be told, NEVER been subjected to any kind of regimen, unless you count shower gel.

I teach college writing and hands-on science, and I am putting my trust in the MD3 Copper Peptides in my NuGlow products.

Stay tuned.

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