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NuGlow’s Mother’s Day Contest – Day 7

NuGlow skincare contest, blogging contest, internet contest The entries are coming in now, for the NuGlow Mother’s Day Contest. Mother’s Day may have been yesterday, but it’s never too late to win a cool gift for your mom, or for yourself whether you’re a mom or not.

Remember, too, that a lot of men are using NuGlow skincare products, too. NuGlow works just as well on a man’s skin as it does on a woman’s.

And how does NuGlow work on any kind of skin? Perfectly, that’s how.

You’ve all got until Saturday, May 14, to enter the NuGlow Mother’s Day contest. On Monday, we’ll announce the winner.

Oh, and by the way. . . . now that it’s finally stopped raining – for a few days, anyway – your face really needs NuGlow’s Daytime Therapy. It’s got an SPF factor of 15, and your face would be eternally grateful if you used NuGlow on it.

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