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NuGlow Mother’s Day Contest: Day 4

NuGlow Mother's Day contest Tweet it! “I want to win a @nuglow skincare kit for Mother’s Day because ____________ .”    You might just win it!

To those readers who have asked about entering if they don’t have a Twitter account:  You can enter by commenting here.  Enter in the comments, using the same completed sentence as the Twitter people are using, and we’ll throw your name in the hat, too.  Also?  Thanks for asking about that!

All the contest information can be seen if you just click on the contest icon.  We’ve made the contest as simple as possible, but if you have any suggestions for us, we’d be most appreciative.

For the first time since I started using NuGlow products, I wore makeup.  Quite honestly?  I couldn’t tell much difference – the Nuglow has improved my skin so much, I really don’t need to even out my skin tones artificially any more, with foundation, etc.

Even without makeup, my skin tones are evening out for real, thanks to NuGlow’s MD3 copper peptides.

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