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Why you may experience dryness around your nose and the corner of your eyes… and what to do about it!

Sometimes in the process of renewing your skin, as you wipe away dead cells and get down to fresher, newer more vibrant skin, you can experience what feels like a dryness around your eyes and nose.   While this may seem like a bad thing, it’s actually not.  In fact what has happened is  that because you’ve successfully exfoliated away dead, flaky skin your skin is now more exposed to the elements.  Those same dead cells that dull your skin also act as an odd sort of protective insulation.  Winter temperatures, lack of humidity and the thinner” skin barrier allow for your skin to feel drier.

Because you are down to the “baby’s skin” – beautiful fresh skin that needs a little more TLC, you need to take a little more care of your skin. Cut back on cleansers and increase your use of moisturizers.    By increasing your usage of moisturizers you’ll better protect your skin against the harsh winter temperatures.

Tips for taking care of your skin during Holiday Travel

Holiday travel presents some challenges for your skin -Dry airplane cabin air can dehydrate your skin and going from one climate to another can dramatically change the environmental exposure.  With everything else that is going on, you don’t want to worry about how to keep looking your best!  So here are some easy tips:

1.  Be sure to stay hydrated.  Drink plenty of water and avoid salty foods.

2.  Make sure you are using a moisturizer such as NuGlow Daytime Moisturizer.  If you normally use a moisturizer only at bedtime, try using it in the morning under your make-up as well for extra protection.  In addition, on longer flights, moisturize before and during the flight and so your final make-up before landing (or leaving the airport).  It’s a double bonus – your skin will be hydrated and your make-up will be fresh when you get to your destination.

3.  Add a deep penetrating serum such as NuGlow Copper Peptide Serum with MD3 Copper as a first layer to give additional antioxidants and age-defying ingredients in a quick absorbing moisture surge and then add a layer of moisturizer to seal it in.

4.  Static Guard – always a life saver in extra dry weather to keep your clothes cling-free!

5.  Be sure to schedule a little extra time for yourself – an extra hour of sleep, a quiet cup of tea, a walk in the fall leaves – it helps keep stress down and you will feel and look relaxed!


Quick tip #1 for getting the most out of your NuGlow Skincare Products

A word about cleansing your skin:

Some people love the feel of HOT water on their skin when they wash. Very hot water can be harsh on your skin and can cause your capillaries to become more noticeable. We recommend cleansing with warm water. A washcloth is a wonderful exfoliator – a little rub helps remove flaking skin – just remember to be gentle! Remember, facial sponges are particularly susceptible to bacteria and germs, so repeat use may not be a good idea.

NuGlow For Father’s Day

NuGlow MD3 Copper Peptides logo, odorless, insect-free, Father's Day, menMen want to take care of their skin, too.

We all too often associate skincare products with women, but it just isn’t true any more that only women care about keeping their skin healthy. Men want healthy skin, too.

NuGlow skincare products work beautifully for women, yes. However, NuGlow skincare products also work beautifully for men, too! Male or female – we all want our skin to look good and make us feel better about ourselves. Neither men nor women welcome wrinkles, and NuGlow will take care of wrinkles on both male and female skin. Men, even more than women, tend to have small facial scars – from teenage acne and shaving mishaps – and NuGlow’s hydrating nourishing nurturing qualities (thank you, MD3 copper peptides!) hunker down and go to work on a masculine face and neck.

These days, most men would welcome a skincare kit for Father’s Day. NuGlow skincare kits are, of course, also excellent gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, accomplishments, graduations, and any other special occasion – or ordinary day! – for both men AND women.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad. Here’s something to keep your skin healthy for many, many more years.

Want Healthy Glowing Skin? Drink Water & Use NuGlow!

NuGlow MD3 Copper Peptides logo For truly healthy, glowing skin, you need water. Lots and lots of water.

Ironically, it depends on what kind of water and how you’re using it as to whether or not your skin will dry out or be healthily hydrated!

Season-round, but especially during the hot weather, it’s of vital importance you that drink a lot of water. Bottled water is good, but the containers aren’t very “green;” therefore, a refillable bottle is your best bet. Get two, and keep one in the refrigerator.

Carry your water with you; few places these days forbid it. Be sensible and considerate, but stay hydrated.

Speaking of being hydrated, your skin will benefit greatly from you drinking a lot of water, but if you really want to nurture and hydrate your skin, open your medicine cabinet and use your NuGlow products, too.

The combination of drinking water and NuGlow is unbeatable; you’ll have the most beautiful and healthiest skin on the block.

P.S. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

NuGlow Copper Peptide Serum with MD3 Copper & Antioxidants: Perfect For All Skin Types

NuGlow Serum

NuGlow Copper Peptide Serum

NuGlow’s Copper Peptide Serum with MD3 Copper and Antioxidants is a silky blue skin-hydrating serum for the face and neck. No matter what skin type you might have, NuGlow’s Copper Peptide Serum is perfect for you. The natural ingredients of our serum, such as green tea, several vitamins, and copper, can be used both morning and night to improve skin elasticity, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, restore firmness, increase collagen and elastin, bright the skin, and even out skin tones and uneven pigmentation – including age spots and blotchiness.

The secret? MD3 Copper Peptide, which as been demonstrated and proven to stimulate and support the natural tissue building process, and encourages old skin cells to flake off faster, to be replaced by healthier new cells. The natural results of NuGlow Copper Peptide Serum with MD3 Copper & Antioxidants? very visibly fresher, firmer, and smoother skin.

This serum may be used with NuGlow’s Copper Peptide Eye Therapy, and with NuGlow’s Nighttime Therapy before bed, or our Daytime Therapy with SPF 15, under your makeup and before you start your busy day.

As with any skin cream, be sure not to get NuGlow’s Copper Peptide Serum with MD3 Copper & Antioxidants in your eyes.

NuGlow’s Stretch Mark Cream: Effective and On Sale!

New product: stretch mark cream from Nuglow

NuGlow's stretch mark cream

NuGlow’s Stretch Mark Cream is a fast-absorbing, non-greasy lotion that reinforces the skin’s fundamental support structures, helping to support and firm the skin, and leaving the skin soft and moisturized. Existing stretch marks will be reduced, even red and silver marks, and the skin’s texture will be smoothed.

NuGlow’s claims can be scientifically substantiated. In a clinical study of 30 subjects, conducted by a leading dermatologist, 70% of participants had visible improvement in stretch marks in two weeks, and over 90% saw overall improvement after twelve weeks of continual use. This study included new AND old stretch marks of all kinds, and in any colors.

New mothers, this is an excellent product for your after-baby skin needs, and it’s also excellent for people who have lost a great deal of weight for any reason!  NuGlow’s Stretch Mark Cream works on your stretch marks, no matter what their origin.

NuGlow’s Stretch Mark Cream is fragrance and paraben free – perfect for people with sensitive skin.  Just apply twice daily to the stretch marks, and massage into the skin in a circular motion.  Be sure to let the cream dry before putting on clothes.  And, as with any skin product, be sure to keep Stretch Mark Cream away from your eyes.

NuGlow’s Stretch Mark Cream can be purchased at a 34% discount at this time.

Keep Your Skin Hydrated & Protected From That Winter Sun!

NuGlow with SPF 15

NuGlow Daytime Therapy w. SPF 15

Winter skin tends to be dry, and dry skin needs to be pampered with more than perfumes and hand lotion.  We must also remember that the winter sun can be brighter than the summer sun, and our skin must be protected just as we do in summer.

NuGlow Daytime Therapy with SPF 15 not only hydrates and softens your skin; it also protects your skin from the sun’s UV rays. Our day moisturizer has been proven to keep your skin moist, and because it is made with several natural ingredients that, working together, help keep even dry winter skin moist, soft, healthy, and protected from the “forces of nature” that want so badly to dry the skin, even people who are allergic to most such creams are able to use NuGlow without reaction.

Every morning, just apply NuGlow Daytime Therapy with SPF 15 to your clean skin; you’ll find that your makeup goes on even more smoothly over the NuGlow.

Your lips will benefit from Nuglow Daytime Therapy as well, but keep the cream away from your eyes.

NuGlow skincare products are packed with antioxidants, which do far more than just moisten your skin. Your skin will be nourished by the combination of ingredients in all NuGlow products.

There are other skincare products with similar claims, of course, but NuGlow products, with MD3 Copper Peptide, have been scientifically proven to be successful. In fact, our customers like our products so much, their testimonials are included on our website!

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