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NuGlow Ingredients: Nothing To Fear, Here!

NuGlow MD3 Copper Peptides logoI teach English and hands-on science, and as such I am always on the lookout for ingredients in pretty much  everything, including foods and anything my family or I put on our skin.

If there are any grammar mistakes or misspellings, I’ll find them, and if I do, I can never trust that product again.  If I see ingredients that I know to be “iffy,” well, ditto.

For example, a lot of skincare products contain . . . urea.  This creeps me out.  Nothing containing urea will ever enter my medicine cabinet or touch my children’s skin.  It affects me even more than the word “sodium” if it appears at the top of an ingredient list on a food.

I have perused the ingredients of my NuGlow skincare products carefully, and am glad to tell you that there is nothing in them that frightens me in the least.  In fact, the ingredients in my NuGlow products are bloody awesome and make me very happy.  The MD3 copper peptides have been scientifically proven to improve skin in many ways, some of which I am already experiencing.

Clinical studies reveal that virtually 100% of all women using NuGlow’s patented breakthrough technology experience statistically significant improvement in their skin’s appearance within just four weeks. After 12 weeks, it’s nothing short of a miracle!

In fact, NuGlow skincare products don’t just make your skin feel smoother; it delivers the formula so deeply into the skin that the skin’s appearance, elasticity, firmness, and pigmentation are noticeably improved.

NuGlow also increases the skin’s collagen and elastin, and all of this together creates a more youthful, fresher appearance.  Already, people are noticing.  I’ve been asked if I’ve lost weight – sadly, no. I’ve been asked what kind of makeup I’m using – I don’t wear makeup.  I’ve been asked what I’ve done to my hair – nothing, and I need to make a date with Miss Clairol in the near future, in fact.

All of this, with no urea or scary fake stuff in the ingredients list, and a lovely smooth sensation on the pillow at night.

I’m a NuGlow fan.

You can find out how awesome NuGlow skincare products are, too – just enter the contest!  NuGlow is giving away FANTASTIC prizes!

Cupcakes and Ingredient Lists

NuGlow MD3 copper peptide skincare I took my mother and daughter shopping last night; they did their share to keep the economy going strong in Target, WalMart, Macy’s, and Kohl’s.

Pat me on the back; I didn’t buy ANYTHING except cat food.

But while I was waiting around for Mom and Sara to fill the cart with thises and thats, I thought I’d go over to the cosmetics and prowl around the skincare products to do a little comparison-looking. Several different stores worth of comparison looking, in fact.

I checked out all kinds of name brands and generics, looked at their ingredients, perused their user manuals (I’m not kidding; there were half-ounce bottles of stuff that came in a box the size of a Hostess Twinkie multi-pack, just to house the manual!)

And oh, believe me, I know my Hostess Twinkie multi-packs. . . .

It was the ingredients I was most interested in, and I found a lot of ingredients. More ingredients than you’d find in a recipe for deep-dish Sicilian deluxe supreme pizza, in fact.

Looking on the boxes, jars, bottles, and Twinkie cases, I found octinoxate, ensulizole, octisalate, oxibenzone, vitamide complex, octyl methoxycinnamate, sulfonic acid, phenylbenzimidole, palmitoyl oligopeptide, acetyl hexapeptide 8, gluco-proteins, UREA, Tensine, Reservatrol, and a lot of artificial colors and fragrances. I found mineral oil, mica, glycerin, and petrolatum. I found menthols, citric acids, and crushed leaves of all kinds. There were several high-priced skincare creams that listed no ingredients whatsoever; this puzzled me, as I thought listing the ingredients – ALL of the ingredients – was mandatory.

When I got home, I looked closely at my NuGlow products; every ingredient is listed. This gives me confidence.

I saw nothing on the skincare shelves in any of those stores that mentioned MD3 copper peptides, which leads me to believe even more ardently than I already believed that NuGlow skincare products are the best, the very best, available today.

They’re certainly working for me, and I am my own best judge of what’s making me all pretty.

Come on over and see for yourself. Bring cupcakes.

P.S. Looking at all those chemicals on all those skincare products’ labels reminded me of the day one of my college professors made a lemon merangue pie right in front of our lecture group without using a single piece of actual food. He didn’t bake it, either. Before our eyes, he somehow created a “pie crust”, rolled it out, and spread it in the pan. Then he mixed chemicals in test tubes and beakers, poured the mixture into the crust, let it “set,” and invited us to taste it. It tasted exactly like stale lemon merangue pie. I think of this every time I look at the ingredients on anything I am thinking of buying.

NuGlow understands this “trust factor” that consumers are cultivating, and more so with each passing day.  Nuglow lists all the ingredients, keeps all its promises, is odorless, begins to genuinely work on skin quickly, and is 100% guaranteed.

Speaking of which, I saw no skincare product on any of those stores’ shelves that had a 100% guarantee.

One more area in which NuGlow blows all the rest of ’em out of the water.

Mmmm. . . . . Twinkies. . . . .

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