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What NuGlow Is Doing To Me

NuGlow Skincare products, scientific skincare Using my NuGlow products makes me remember being pregnant; even when I was just sitting, daydreaming, big things were happening to my body.

NuGlow doesn’t make my skin tingle or anything like that.  It does, however, make my skin feel soft and sleek, and when I look into the mirror, I don’t see as many “splotchy” spots.  The longer I use the products, the better my skin looks and feels.

I especially love the sensation of my face on my pillow, at night.  Two soft smooth sleek things, touching.  I am convinced that NuGlow’s results are the main reason I am sleeping so well these days.

It might sound odd, but even ordinary things like slipping a sweater over my head feel different now.  When the wool passes over my face, the fabric seems to slip over it more easily than it used to.  My skin isn’t as easily irritated now, either.

I haven’t had a zit since I started using NuGlow.  I feel confident giving the MD3 copper peptides credit for that.  These ingredients dig down deep inside the skin, nourishing and hydrating all the way.  No zit could live under such ideal circumstances.

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Free Shipping!

Free shipping from NuGlow skincare, copper peptides Whenever we order anything online, from TV, or from a catalog, it’s always the shipping that surprises us. Depending on what we’re buying, the shipping will sometimes cost more than the items!

Here at NuGlow, we don’t want you to feel that way. We want you to revel in your heavily discounted skincare products and not give the shipping a thought.

Therefore, we’re not going to charge you anything at all for shipping – not if you order $50.00 or more of skincare products from us.

That’s right – Free Shipping On All Orders Over $50.

Just purchase $50.00 of your favorite products and we’ll pay the freight.
Enter promo code: 500311 at check out.
Expires 3/31/11

A reminder:  if you become a Skincare Club member, you’ll save up to 70% every time you order from NuGlow, as well as special offers and exclusive club benefits.

NuGlow: Even The Side Effects Are Great!

NuGlow MD3 Copper Peptides logo NuGlow skincare products are made with ingredients so pure, so scientifically tested, that it seems impossible to me that anyone could have a problem with them. So far, I haven’t heard of any.

As with any products, of course, there will usually be side effects, and I am experiencing an extremely noticeable side effect with my NuGlow skincare regimen which I feel anyone who might possibly use these products should know about.

It’s this: even though there are no instructions about or mention of “lips” in NuGlow’s reading material or website, I feel that people considering NuGlow should know that since I have been using Nuglow skincare products – since February 23, in other words – it’s not just my skin red lipsthat’s already in better condition. My poor, chapped, peeling lips are also in better shape.

It’s pretty cool that the only side effect I’ve experienced so far has been even more improvement. Every other business in the universe, take notice, please. Side effects can be positive; NuGlow is proof. As are my lips.

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