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NuGlow Agrees With BlogHer’s “Own Your Beauty”

NuGlow Skincare - own your own beautyNuGlow is proud to link our readers to BlogHer’s “Own Your Beauty” page. We are firm believers in the fact that everyone is beautiful, and that there is no one standard of beauty. We want to help spread the word that it is the individual beauty of each person’s face and mien that define what true beauty is.

Not Hollywood. Not magazines. Not marketing. Not ads.

None of those are about real people, our friends, neighbors, colleagues, sons, daughters, spouses, parents. . . . . all of those real people whose beauty is a combination of their individual faces, smiles, personalities, thoughts, personalities, and glimpses into their wonderful, unique souls.

NuGlow does not claim to change a person’s face.  NuGlow just promises to make each person’s skin healthier, all the way through, and to give each person’s already-beautiful face a glow that enhances what was already there:  true beauty.

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