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Stay Out of the Sun!

NuGlow Skincare header, symbol, logoNuGlow’s goal is for you to have healthy, glowing skin.  Contrary to what some people might still believe, that doesn’t mean a good tan. In fact, the process of getting a tan is far more dangerous and unhealthy than you might think.

Whether you expose your skin to the sun, or to a tanning bed, you are deliberately allowing dangerous UV rays to affect the largest organ your body has; your skin.

In other words, that “healthy tan” many people sport in summer is actually evidence of very UNhealthy skin.

How unhealthy is exposure to UV rays?  UV rays can cause skin cancer; is that Sun, UV rays, skincareunhealthy enough for ya?

NuGlow’s Daytime Therapy has a UV of 15, but you will need a UV of 30 for the rest of your body if you intend to be outdoors in the sun for very long.  Also, you will need to reapply both every hour or so, as you will “sweat it off.”

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