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NuGlow: With or Without Makeup, You’ll Look Great!

NuGlow MD3 Copper Peptides logo Whether you apply foundation or other makeup after your NuGlow regimen or not, your skin is going to look good.  I know this for a fact.

It’s been almost four months now since I began using NuGlow products, and my skin has improved to the point that even my kids have noticed.

I have a condition called dermatomyositis, and the most noticeable symptom is splotchy skin.  However, since my NuGlow regimen is now routine, twice a day, I have no splotches.  My skin, in fact, looks better than it’s looked since my teen years, which were longer ago than I care to admit.  :)

I used to wear foundation daily, to cover up my skin.  Now, I seldom wear any kind of makeup because even without it, my skin has a glow.  A NEW glow.  NuGlow did that for me.  NuGlow can do it for you, too.

My sister, who has no “condition” to deal with, looks even better!  She had spent a lot of time out in the sun in her youth, and her skin showed it.  Did you notice the past tense there?

Because now, her skin glows, too.  She looks ten years younger since she started using NuGlow.

I don’t know how much younger I look, but I sure FEEL ten years younger.  And my mirror is starting to be my friend again, instead of my enemy.

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